Working on a project is not only a process for me to learn more about myself but also a way for me to learn about the world. Here are some main projects I've done in the past three years:


Purpose: To create a world where anyone can effectively establish a deep understanding of anything.

Work: Build product, talk to users. Set goals and lead the team.


High Quality Resources Collection

Purpose: To provide people with the opportunity to quickly find high-quality resources and save time from searching. This project also served as the preliminary research of my plan to reconstruct the information structure of the Internet by bidirectional hyperlinks.

Work: Launched an online project to gather high-quality resources and received 900+ form submissions, deployed the final collection on Netlify after filtering and organizing them.

Result: It has 500+ total users and 40+ weekly active users. Without any further promotion, I still get new form submissions every day.


Purpose: To test the computer's potential as an artistic medium by creating an audio/visual interactive instrument software that everyone plays with to become a DJ + VJ. It's based on the idea of patatap, and using two.js, tone.js as the audio and visual library. It combines sequencer with on concept of patatap.

Work: Collaborated with Vibert Thio and Joey Huang. Used React to implement the frontend drum machine’s and keyboard’s main functions and used Node.js and MongoDB to implement the backend functions of saving, chaining, and recording drum patterns and keyboard activities.

Result: It has 5.4k+ pageviews and 2.3k+ unique pageviews in the first 6 months, which shows the vast potential of the computer as a medium of art.

Purpose: To learn game development by developing a full-stack multiplayer web game from scratch.

Work: Designed the entire program structure and backend physics engine, chose the appropriate frontend graphic renderer (Pixi.js), generated the production code using webpack, and deployed using Nginx and Google Cloud Platform.

Result: It has over 600+ online players in the three days I hosted the game.

Web Full Stack Boilerplate

Purpose: To develop a boilerplate that allows me to build full-stack web projects quickly.

Work: Developed a boilerplate with support to React, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, MySQL,, webpack, Sass, hot-reload, etc.

Result: I've only used it to build several small project prototypes, and now I stop maintaining it because I believe the ecosystem of web development is facing a paradigm shift from monolithic server-run web app to microservices.

Lectures on Special & General Relativity

Purpose: To introduce special and general relativity in a more intuitive way.

Work: Designed a handout and used it to teach relativity at 2017 BioPhyChemEarth. Gave 2hrs lecture on Special Relativity and 7hrs lecture on General Relativity.

Result: Several students reported that it was the best Physics Lecture they've ever taken.

Calculus Handouts

Purpose: To create in-depth Calculus handouts for undergraduate students that major Mathematics.

Work: Designed handouts base on Introduction to Calculus and Analysis by Richard Courant and Fritz John.

Result: Many undergraduate students at National Taiwan University used this handout to help them learn Calculus.