I started writing in 2013 and have been writing at least one article a month ever since. My writing style is explaining complicated ideas in simple words and elaborate organizations, and most of my articles are very long.

Here are some pieces that I'm most proud of with my preference πŸ”₯. For non-Chinese reader, using Google Translate is sufficient to understand most content.


My Vision: Roadmap πŸ”₯

Introduce the structure and the roadmap of the Heptabase system.

My Vision: The Knowledge Lifecycle

Introduce Heptabase’s vision from the perspective of "The lifecycle of human knowledge work.”

My Vision: A Forgotten History

The vision of computer pioneers and thinkers in the 1960s.

My Vision: A New City

Explain what I mean by saying β€œthe next generation of the internet.”

My Vision: The Context

The context behind my vision of creating a new contextualized Internet.


Retrospection πŸ”₯

My retrospection of the past five years after dropping out of university.

Choice πŸ”₯

My rationale behind dropping out from Minerva Schools and starting a startup.

Moment πŸ”₯

The important moments in my life.

Life Mission

Summary of my search for life mission during the gap years from 2017 to 2019.


Startup Notes: Seed Fundraising

How we raised our seed round.

Startup Notes: Before Y Combinator πŸ”₯

How we got into Y Combinator.

Startup Notes: Incorporation

Incorporate your startup in the US as an international founder.

Startup Notes: 7 Lessons I learned

7 lessons I learned after dropping out of college and starting a startup.


World πŸ”₯

My world view at age 21, based on my understanding of Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Neuroscience, Complex Systems, Philosophy, and the Technology industry.


A common phenomenon I noticed that occurs in many different scenarios.

Technology / Science

Blockchain and Bitcoin πŸ”₯

Introduce the principle of blockchain and bitcoin from the perspective of mathematics and information engineering.

Electromagnetic wave

A high school student's attempt to explain the electromagnetic wave in both mathematical and intuitive ways.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

A high school student's attempt to explain the Uncertainty Principle in both mathematical and intuitive ways.

Physics Olympiad πŸ”₯

Explain how I learned Physics and prepared for Olympiad competition in high school. It contains everything you need to know about Physics Olympiad.

Book Notes

The Art of War πŸ”₯

A complete analysis of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War", ranked 2nd in the Chinese google search.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

History context and future possibilities of the human race.

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

The philosophy of building a startup.

Deep Learning with Python

Introduce the principles and techniques of deep learning from the perspective of a programmer.